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Great news for all those who are looking to get a work permit for Romania. We can provide you with a working visa for Romania with minimal effort.

Romania is a member country of the European Union (EU). That’s why most laws concerning work permits and work visas are similar to those of other EU countries. Residents of another EU, Switzerland. And country members of the European Economic Area (EEA) do not need a work permit to work in Romania. These countries include Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

If you are not from the above-mentioned countries, then you will need a work permit.

Requirements to Obtain Romania Work Visas

Foreign citizens are not eligible to apply for a work permit in Romania on their behalf. The employer must apply for them.

One of the conditions of work permit eligibility is that a permit is issued only if no Romanian citizens or citizens in other EU or EEA member states are qualified to fill the position. Other conditions include the following:

  • Fulfil all the requirements of the employer for the position under legal provisions.
  • Hold no criminal record that can prevent them from working in Romania
  • Provide a medical certificate that states their ability to carry out the tasks needed for the job
  • The candidate applying must fall within the yearly quota for foreign citizens who may be given a work visa.

Other documents that employee needs to show:

  • Work permit received by the employer
  • Proof of employee accommodation in Romania
  • Proper passport
  • Two recent identifying photos
  • Provide medical insurance proof for the duration of the employee visit
  • Provide police Clearance or a document of background check of the employee from the country of the residence.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means for accommodation or travel